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Fire Safety Training

Fire Marshall Training Course

MCM is a company offering tailor made Fire Safety Training Courses, Fire Risk Assessments, Fire Prevention Surveys, Evacuations, Induction courses, and professional advice.

Ask yourself these questions:-

  • Where is your nearest Fire Alarm Point?
  • Where is your nearest Fire Extinguisher?
  • What sort is it?, Yes it's red but what sort?
  • Do you know how to use it?
  • Do you know how to break the fire alarm call point
  • When were you or your staff re-issued with the companies Fire Procedures?
  • Where is the assembly point?

If you or your staffs reply "Don't know" or "Not Sure" to any of the above, the gap between a Hazard and the Risk is too close. So please read on!

All our courses are tailored for every application, customers get what they want and not something off the shelf.

MCM believe, "if it will happen, it does happen" and take every step towards a safer working environment. Nobody is trained to be a professional fire fighter or an extra on a T.V. drama, but is given positive steps towards awareness and fire safety.

We all know that legislation is there to be adhered to and companies in all industries are required to fulfil their obligation to comply Fire Certification, Fire Precautions, Health and Safety at Work, etc, but ask yourself do your staff know what to do?

The day we don't learn or listen is the day we become complacent. Samples of our courses are listed below.

Fire Awareness/Extinguisher Course

This course is designed to give delegates an understanding of basic fire safety and fire prevention within their workplace, culminating in a simulated exercise involving live fire and extinguishers.

1:30 hour Course

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“Thank you for the outstanding job you do in maintaining our fire extinguishers and the professionalism your people bring to this task”

- Mark MacDonald